“Circle of Poison” Oct. 12 in environmental film series

download pdf here: Circle of Poison Flyer


Photos from the DSM / Sierra Club / Food Co-op picnic 9/3/17

The triply sponsored picnic was well attended with about 75 people in all, and weather improved for us during the day. A good time for community sharing by people concerned about environment and human wellness. Here are some representative photos of the event.

Suzanne Adams speaks for West Chester Food Co-op. Photo by Dianne Herrin

Assorted signs on display. Photo by Dianne Herrin

Tim Niiler demonstrates Tai Chi. Photo by Dianne Herrin

Pete Lane sings his “Please don’t you spray on me” song, Nathaniel Smith holds mike. Photo by Dianne Herrin

Children enjoying frozen yogurt courtesy of Whirled Peace. Photo by Dianne Herrin

Film & environment

Opportunity for film buffs:

Don’t Spray Me and Sierra Club Sustainability Committee are working with West Chester University to create an environmental film series to be rolled out this fall.

If you are interested in film and would like to join the group, please contact Margaret Hudgings, mhudgings@gmail.com.

Lincoln County, OR, Adopts First-in-Nation Ban of Aerial Pesticide Spray

OREGON: The election results from Lincoln County, OR, are in: Lincoln residents adopted the first-in-the nation countywide Freedom from Aerial Sprayed Pesticides ordinance by 61 votes. Lincoln residents are the first in Oregon to secure people’s environmental and democratic rights, challenging the claimed “rights” of corporations. They are also the first to secure the rights of nature to exist and flourish, joining a growing number of communities across the U.S. and globally who are recognizing ecosystem rights. Measure 21-177 bans aerial sprayed pesticides as a violation of those rights.

The measure was ahead by 27 votes in the ballot count on election night (May 16th). However, there were 100 unsigned ballots that could still be counted towards the total. Those voters had until May 30th to sign their ballots, which were then added to the final count and secured the win.

Lincoln County residents have faced decades of toxic aerial pesticide spraying by the industrial timber industry. Timber corporations repeatedly aerial spray toxic pesticides on clearcuts to kill off “competing” vegetation and animals that threaten newly planted and young commodity crop trees. Residents have been working with the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF) since 2013 to protect themselves from the dangerous practice. …

read more at CELDF


Sign our petition

In September 2015, we circulated a petition in the southwest quadrant of the Borough of West Chester, calling on the Chester County Health Department to cease spraying pesticides for mosquito control, which has been shown to be ineffective and has been banned in many other communities.

We collected 425 signatures from local residents, and 98% of the individuals to whom we talked signed in opposition to the spraying.

Please click here to view and sign the petition. Every signature helps!

Please tell us your view on mosquito spraying in your neighborhood