Why people aren’t talking about West Nile Virus

As of 10/2/20 (after the end of the serious mosquito season), 8 WNV cases has been reported in PA in 2020 (none in Chester County), according to PA Dept. of Health, “2020 WNV Collection and Testing Status” (download under “Previous Year Surveillance Results”). The 2019 PA total was 2 (1 in Chester County).

According to the CDC, as of July 13, in 2021 the entire country has had 11 presumed WNV cases and one death (in Arkansas).

Meanwhile, “The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported 5,172 overdose deaths in Pennsylvania last year, a jump of 16% from 4,444 in 2019” (WHYY).

And much worse, in 2020-21 to date, PA Covid cases totaled 1,220,671 with 27,827 deaths.

Mosquitoes may be unpleasant, especially if we wish to enjoy the outdoors in shorts and T-shorts, but in the scale of things, they are not a problem of health or life and death in Chester County, and public resources should be marshaled to deal with genuine emergencies like overdoses and Covid.


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