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Dontsprayme is a citizens organization founded by residents of West Chester PA and surrounding communities that raises awareness about the dangers of pesticides. Dontsprayme advocates more effective means of controlling mosquitoes such as larviciding and opposes unnecessary mosquito spraying in Chester County.

To find out about being a Dontsprayme block captain to distribute information to your neighbors, see “Help Spread the Word.” To sign our petition, see here.

Dontsprayme works in partnership with the Borough of West Chester and the Chester County Health Department. Both have excellent web site information about reducing mosquito populations and avoiding being bitten; click here to see info posted by the Borough and here for the County (also download “Make your home a Mosquito-FREE zone” here; and see info on Zika virus, which has not been transmitted by mosquitoes north of Florida, here.)

These three partners meet regularly as the West Chester Borough West Nile Task Force.

See Dontsprayme’s principles here.

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