The image of the baby in a gas mask, the Don’t Spray Me! logo, popped up all over West Chester in 2016. “Gas Mask Baby,” just like a real infant, cannot be ignored. Signs picturing him with our web address attracted lots of attention and brought the importance of getting rid of mosquitoes without spraying to the attention of the community.

Displaying a sign unfortunately does not protect you against being sprayed. The County has said that it will not spray the frontage of properties with registered hypersensitive individuals, but depending how big the property is, that can be helpful or not. Although the County does not pay attention to Don’t Spray Me! signs as far as the actual spraying route goes, elected officials and staff need to know your opinion through your signs (and letters, etc.)!

In 2017, we introduced a new sign model, the Happy Baby with the text “Thanks for not spraying,” because West Chester was not sprayed in 2016. Here are both side by side:

And our 2018 version, “Happy Baby holding mask,” signifyies that the baby is relying on our efforts once again to forestall spraying:

All three signs are available and awaiting a new home on your street-facing property. To help us finance  our operations and student associates, we request a $10 donation for each sign. To get a sign, please email Margaret.

Here are some photos of houses in the Borough where the 2016 babies found happy homes to project their message:

yard sign 1

yard sign 3

yard sign 5