E. and N. Coventry are next

Mosquito control treatment scheduled for East Coventry and North Coventry Townships to prevent West Nile Virus

West Chester, PA – The Chester County Health Department will conduct a mosquito control treatment spray in portions of East Coventry and North Coventry Townships (see maps below). The treatment is scheduled for Monday, August 20th from 8:00 pm to 11:30 pm. The rain date for this event is Tuesday, August 21st from 8:00 pm to 11:30 pm….

Keep reading at Chester County archive

Those in the spray area, please see our post “In case of spraying: Help us / Help yourself.”


One thought on “E. and N. Coventry are next

  1. Thank you for keeping us up to date on spraying by the county health department. As the parent of a son poisoned by chemicals, I am so concerned that people keep themselves safe from these pesticides. Stay inside with windows closed during the spraying. Leave your shoes at the door. If you can, leave town for a few sayd and stay with friends or family in an area not being sprayed. The pesticide being applied by Chester County is manufactured by Bayer and their new partner Montsanto. We have been finding out about the reliability on health issues of the information Montsanto gives to the public. Be safe everyone.


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