The risks outweigh the benefits

by George Squire CRNP, Active member of DSM

We have noted in recent months that the risks outweigh the benefits when it come to spraying for mosquitoes.

Chemical sensitivity in humans and animals can be deadly when sprays are used indiscriminately. The entire planet becomes the target for such spraying. Infinitely preferable is the use of preventative measures such as BT larvicide which has proved very effective in stopping mosquitoes before they hatch.

As in the field of Medicine, prevention is the key to effective control of this problem. Over the past decade, Medicine has moved toward an evidence-based approach, which has produced some sound research-based science. The data from the use of pesticide and herbicidal sprays has been sadly lacking regarding any potential benefit from their use. Unfortunately, we will always be able to count on the lobbying on behalf of the chemical companies to propagandize us about the benign nature of their products. Their desire for increased profit will continue to skew the public’s understanding of the true nature of these chemicals.

A friend from St Peter’s Village who is a beekeeper and maintains a garden there, has noticed a drastic decline in his bees and other beneficial insects. A steady drop off like this in bees and other beneficial creatures could lead to an agricultural disaster for consumers and farmers alike. Future untold problems could arise with shortages in fruits and vegetables, not to mention farm animals and pets that may eat the poisoned crops.

Let us appeal to our public servants assigned to these tasks. Let us ask them to put their constituents first and make our neighborhoods safer, and maintain the constitutional right to happiness. Let us remind them that there are alternatives to using poison in our water and on our land.


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