Mass Roundup spraying along West Chester Railroad tracks

This was posted in Nextdoor 5/7/18:

Spraying by West Chester RR

If you live along the WCRR ! On 4/23/18 at 9:30 AM an Ehrlich Pest Control truck was driving on the WCRR tracks from West Chester to Glen Mills spraying the ‘herbicide’ Round UP!!! This cloud of poison drifted out away from the tracks about 50 feet settling on anything within this range, including my dogs which I quickly brought inside. If you read about Round Up in the news, then you should be concerned about its effects on the environment. Please contact the WCRR and your local officials and voice your concern over its use in this manner. I had called the WCRR and asked what they were spraying, a representative left me a message stating that they were using Round Up to kill weeds along the tracks.

Bob Fox, Green Brier


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