Tell the Environmental Protection Agency: Ban Roundup Now

Petition from Environmental Action

Since their peak in the mid-90s, monarch populations have decreased by 90 percent, in part due to the widespread use of Roundup and other toxic pesticides. Tell the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to ban Roundup, so we can save this incredible insect before it’s too late.

The monarch butterfly is an iconic species that migrates through the heart of the United States each year. Unfortunately, the number of monarchs has decreased by 90 percent since their peak in the mid-90s.

Pollution-driven climate change is part of the problem. But we’re also allowing the destruction of milkweed — the monarchs’ main habitat and food source — through the rapid acceleration in use of Monsanto’s toxic Roundup and Roundup Ready crops.

Please stand with the millions of wildlife enthusiasts across the country in protecting this iconic species by banning Roundup.


One thought on “Tell the Environmental Protection Agency: Ban Roundup Now

  1. We are breathing it, we are drinking it and swallowing it.
    My Father used it in the Rice farm, He then died of cancer at 76.
    My neighbor sprays it and the wind blows it to my back yard, I had
    Small wild animals and birds that I fed. They are no longer around.
    I am highly allergic to chemicals, and I have headaches and ringing in my ears
    around the times when they spray or fertilize with weed killer.
    Even kids’ cereals tested positive for these chemicals.
    Why must wildlife and humans be exposed at our expense in the name of beautification
    For incredible Industrial gain?
    Mow it, weed whack it, bushhog it. Give others the employment. Win-win.


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