The tally to date in Chesco

From PA West Nile Virus Control Program 8/8/17

To date this year in Chester County: 401 samples tested, 37 positives (meaning one or more mosquitoes in a test batch carried WNV virus; we do not know the size of each sample, so it could be one mosquito in 10 or 100+).

No human, equine or avian cases known in Chesco so far this year.

Municipalities of all positive samples in Chesco to date:


One thought on “The tally to date in Chesco

  1. Yes, the important information here is that there have been no cases of West Nile virus in Chester County and none in the state of Pennsylvania actually in 2017. We should be thinking carefully about spraying poisons on people and in the environment. Do we want to kill off bees and poison ground water and threaten the health of children for an imaginary threat? Think carefully about the cost benefit comparison. Many communities have decided not to spray as the best course of action for the health of their communities.


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