Area teens find organic solution for killing weeds in sidewalks

By Bill Rettew Jr., Daily Local News, 7/17/17

WEST CHESTER >> A group of eight teens is promoting the use of a vinegar solution to kill weeds and grass between the cracks of the borough’s historic brick sidewalks.

The Sierra Club Youth Corps is opposed to treating weeds with the Bayer and Monsanto herbicide Roundup. They choose to use vinegar instead.

Brother and sister team Luca Miraldi, a 10th grader at Devon Prep, and Isabella Miraldi, a senior at Rustin High School, were recently busy spraying a vinegar solution onto the bricks in the 300 block of West Union Street.

Participants will compare the effectiveness of vinegar to Roundup.

“Knowing that there is an alternative way — if there’s something just as good (as Roundup) and it’s a green way — then why not use it?” Isabella said….

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