The Shaker Heights plan

Shaker Heights, Ohio, initiated a successful mosquito control program in 2002. They outlined a plan with 6 levels of response, with the highest being the type of health crisis that suggests that pesticide spraying is necessary. Their Health Director, Sandi Hurley, reported to Don’tsprayme in June of 2016 that, during the 14 years that these guidelines have been in place, Shaker Heights has had no serious cases of West Nile virus and no health emergency that required spraying.

That community, which is about 6 square miles with a population of 28,000 people, works together cooperatively to keep Shaker Heights safe by reducing standing water and mosquitoes and by not spraying pesticides. One of their chief lines of defense is larviciding all storm drains. West Chester, working with the County, has been larviciding storm drains on a selective basis in 2016.

To download their 6-step plan, of which we are preparing a modified version to recommend for West Chester, click here: Shaker Heights WNV Response Plan


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