What is the big public health crisis here?

Number of deaths in Chester County, 2015-18 to date:

from drug overdoses so far according to OverdoseFreePA: 396

West Nile Virus: 0.

Opioid deaths in Chesco and PA are rising dramatically while WNV deaths have averaged under 2 a year in the entire state, according to CDC, and none in 2018.

The Chesco Department of Drug and Alcohol Services deals with opioid issues. Could they put to good use on drugs the public resources that the Health Department is using to track and spray for mosquitoes?

The latest drug scourge, the herbal supplement kratom, has killed two Chesco residents this year, in April and June. Searching the County web site turns up two mentions of it: 1) a 8/20/18 press release from the Coroner’s Office (which provoked the attention in the media) and 2) a 9/17/18 lunchtime presentation for professionals only.

Why does the County give little public attention to a drug that has killed 2 this year, compared to a flurry of spraying and press releases concerning West Nile virus, which has killed one in 2001-18? (The one fatal Chester County WNV infection since WNV was first recorded here, in an elderly man, was acquired out of state.)

Is the County allocating taxpayers’ resources in the best way to support human health?


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